Memes (20) about My Love for Graphic Design

Graphic Design Is My Passion: How to Understand a Trending Meme

Memes is your go-to site for the funniest memes, images, and videos. Memes may be found or created with our Meme Generator.After the original “Graphic Design is My Passion” was made, there was no going back. Designers, graphic artists, and design businesses originally used the phrase to make fun of poor design. The online community grabbed the cliché and turned it into a scathing attack at designers who, as is typical in such situations, took their jobs too seriously.

The meme is a spoof of the many amateur graphic design is my passion essay that use Word, Paint, and other free tools to produce shoddy designs. I would also argue that this is being driven by unhappiness. Many people find it challenging to understand why a designer would need to spend so much time or money on a work when, in their opinion, it should be very simple and basic.

My passion is graphic design – Source

On July 7th, 2014, Tumblr user Yungterra published a picture of a cloudy sky along with the words “graphic design is my passion” and a green cartoon frog clip art.

Around 352,000 notes were sent to the post the following year.

The goal of graphic design is my passion origin design is to improve user experience.
Designers use images, colors, and printing to entice visitors. Yet, designers working on user experience (UX) design must adopt a human-centered approach in order to support their stylistic choices, such as the positioning of pictures and text.

In order to create eye-catching designs that maximize usability, you must focus on and sympathize with certain people. Aesthetics must have a purpose. With UX design, you don’t create art for personal consumption. Thus, visual design is a necessary branch for graphic designers.

Tools for producing eye-catching graphic design is my passion reddit include CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, all of which are proprietary software.

Other Photoshop plugins like Sumo Paint and Crello may be used to make “memes” and enhance your UX.

Top 20 Memes: Graphic Design is My Love

1. The Emoji Man 1. (Graphic Design is My Passion)

The emojis were updated because someone decided they needed to be updated. An emoji design was shared by a Tumblr user. The character’s actions and manner contributed to the hilarious impression of the situation.

The idea was made further funnier by the fact that the post’s original author sought to change Apple’s emojis.

2. The Rainbow Cat

A grey cat vector may be seen on the rainbow backdrop of this design. It expressed the same sentiment as the original meme’s poster, who had placed it on the internet.

3. the GOAT meme

On the mountain, a goat was positioned without any backdrop removal or small alterations! These memes were created to draw attention to the critical difference between a badly finished and a well-done design.

(4) The Spongebob meme

People behave in a variety of ways with regard to humor and memes. Uncannily resembling the frog from the original graphic design joke, a Spongebob picture was projected into the sky.

5. Photoshop meme

Yikes! A very horrifying occurrence did place in this classroom. Whether this artwork was produced by a student or was the product of someone’s photoshop effort is still unknown. Yet, it has been widely distributed online.

6. The Alien Face,

Designers who want to make fun of students’ aptitude for design frequently spread the graphic design is my passion meme. The youngsters, though, didn’t take their time responding.

7. The Suit Man Meme,

Ever hear a guy in a suit say anything important? almost everyone has. This illustration, which was based on the same concept, showed how even a guy in a suit would seem ridiculous if he said, “Graphic design is my passion.”

8. Design Projects

Every profession, including design, has an own working approach. This meme shows a typical work folder as well as how awful designers are at giving their goods names.

9. The Massive Ad

While unrelated, this meme makes it quite evident how much experienced designers are worth to any company. To get people’s attention and spread awareness about the issue, they employ the greatest images and the most effective messaging.

10. The Distinguished “Word Art”

Word art was once really quite popular. With the aid of this GIF, memes brought it back to life. Each character in the statement has been given a distinct size, font, and color to make the GIF more eye-catching.

11. The Office

Here, the renowned comedic figure Michael Scott represents the fundamental principle that underlies this whole movement. Scott, the main character on “The Office,” is a great worker despite having a mysterious attitude. When questioned about delivering a design in word format for modification, he pouts to indicate his discontent.

12. Reliable Reviews

While this table design image was given an honest review, the internet rejected it. Screenshots of the photograph and the epic reaction were circulated throughout organizations and locations within minutes.

13. Notable Failures

Someone tried to drown a raccoon, but they horribly failed! The design is full of little risks, so the painters would have had to study for a while before attempting this task again.

14. The 3D Meme

A few 3D elements in this graphic design is my passion joel is my passion creative were probably created to mock designers who are not acquainted with 3D and who are unable to do even the most basic tasks.

15. The Holy Meme

If Jesus were a graphic designer, his office may look like the scene from The Last Supper. He’d be surrounded by a lot of ridiculous requests and comments.

Unpassion It Meme 16. (Steve Harvey)

Designers with experience maintain a sense of discipline and equilibrium in their work. This touch-up effort is unmistakably the product of a beginner designer who professes to like the design but lacks the necessary skills to sustain that devotion.

17. Experienced or naive

A detailed inspection of the fonts, background, dinosaur, and every other component of this picture is necessary.

The poor thing seems to be perceiving “passion” in terror. The words in this design are all written in different colors and typefaces, which upsets the eye’s natural equilibrium. Whether this was a humorous project or the work of a newbie professional is unknown to us.

18. Designer’s Point of View

A designer sees things from an original angle. As we are seeing the overall work, a designer typically looks at the details that have been included into the design.

19. The Angel Dr. Phil

The image of Dr. Phil gazing down from the sky like an angel was recorded. The meme phrase “graphic design is my passion sticker” was also included in the picture, giving the impression that an angel was fascinated with it.

20. Further Work

This graphic effectively conveys how seriously someone is pursuing design understanding. While the editing on this picture is subpar, if done properly, you would not be able to distinguish between an altered and an unprocessed image.

Graphic Design Is My Love – The Buzz’s Effects
The meme hasn’t lost its attractiveness after being around for seven years.

To brighten everyone’s workplace and lighten the atmosphere a little, a variety of design businesses and independent artists created these memes.

A number of writings with the theme “graphic designs is my love” have also been printed to support the amusing idea.

My love is graphic design. In addition, Reddit is quite well-liked.

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Earnings for Graphic Designers

Just stating that graphic design is your passion is insufficient nowadays.

As a designer, you must think out a way to make money. Try the following suggestions:

1. Start your own company

One of the best ways to make money as a designer is to launch your own firm.

You may help companies by creating designs for their t-shirt designs, advertising materials, and more.

2. Online Skills Sales

Like traditional companies, online websites too need assistance with the design of their advertisements, website buttons, symbols, blogs, and other aspects.

3. Selling Your Design Online

You may sell your artwork and graphics works on internet markets. Generally, blog owners will spend money on graphics and photos to meet their design needs.

You may also create vector art and photographs and then share them online. You may start generating money once customers begin paying for each download of your designs.

What do graphic designers get paid?

The compensation of graphic designers is based on a variety of factors.

The geography, work setting, specialty, employment environment, education, and experience of a designer all affect their prospective pay.

The Aspiration Box estimates that the average yearly salary for designers will be Rs. 3 lakhs in 2021.

Remind yourself that designers may still work for a range of higher positions within the field to increase their earning potential.

Alternatives for Freelance Graphic Design

One of the nicest things about being a designer is that you have a lot of alternatives at your disposal.

You can decide to submit a job application to a business or organization. Instead, you might choose to work as a freelance graphic designer and enter into agreements with many companies at once.

Freelancing has a range of benefits, but it’s important to keep the big picture in mind.

You may benefit from more freedom and a more specialized clientele within the scope of your profession. Yet, you cannot rely on your clients to pay for the materials you’ll need to complete the project.


My interest is graphic design, and this material has been making waves online in ways anyone anticipated. This has developed into one of the current trends in design.

If you are a designer, consider making your own variation of this popular meme to add to the memeverse.


1. What is the origin of the expression “Graphic Design is My Hobby”?

When the statement “Graphic Design is My Passion” was initially posted on Tumblr and quickly gained popularity, it became a meme. Users rapidly began sharing it to express their disapproval of substandard graphic designs.

2. Who are graphic designers, exactly?

A graphic designer is an expert in the disciplines of graphic design and graphic arts who combines pictures, motion graphics, and typography to create a design. The majority of the time, brochures and other published, printed, or electronic media, including commercials, utilise the visuals that designers create.

3. How promising is a career in graphic design?

Graphic design is a fantastic job for persons with creative thinking abilities who value art, technology, and communication. Design is a must for all businesses, thus there are several chances for designers to work on cutting-edge and intriguing projects.

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[…] You May Also Read: Memes (20) about My Love for Graphic Design […]

[…] Also Like: Memes (20) about My Love for Graphic Design […]

[…] Also Like: Memes (20) about My Love for Graphic Design […]

[…] Also Like: Memes (20) about My Love for Graphic Design […]

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