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The Instagram Invite collaborator option is not show | Invite a partner to help with the issue

ou will learn how to fix Instagram Invite Collaborator not functioning, why can’t i do a collab post on Instagram, and Instagram Invite Collaborator not displaying in this post. I’ll give you three answers to the Instagram Invite Collaborator issue that will make it simple to address the Insta Invite Collector problem.

What is the “Invite Collaborator” feature on Instagram?

Instagram Posts Reels

With Instagram’s new Invite Collaborator tool, users can work together with friends or any other user on posts or reels. Your username and the name of the person you collaborated with will be shown on the post or reel on which you have collaborated.

Problem-solving for the Instagram Invite Collaborator

If the Invite Collaborator option is not available on Insta. I have thus provided three options to include the Invite collaborator option. Use these three suggestions. The option to Insta Invite Collaborators option is not showing will be available.

1. Instagram Invite Collaborator Solution | why cant i collab on Instagram

You need to change your Instagram account to a different Instagram account type as the first option. You must determine the sort of Instagram account you have. In Instagram, there are 3 different sorts of accounts:

1. Individual/Personal Account

2. Expert/Professional Account

3. Company/Business Account

If your account is personal and private, you must first switch it from private to public. Then you must wait for two to three days. Now, if you have the choice to invite a partner, that is OK. In any other case, you must wait two to three days and change your Instagram account to a professional one. If despite this, Instagram’s option to invite collaborators is still unavailable, you must change your account to a business account and wait for two to three days. And if this is not how the Insta Invite Collaborator option appears, go to the second option.

2. An answer to the Insta Invite Collaborator issue –

The second option requires you to inform the Instagram staff that “Invite colleague is not appearing.” To contact the Instagram staff about the Invite collab issue, follow the instructions below.

  • First, launch the Instagram app.
  • Tap the Profile logo in the bottom right corner.

Profile logo

3. Next, tap the Menu bar in the upper right corner.

4. Choose the Settings menu item.

5. Select the Help button / Choose the option to Report a Problem.

Report a Problem

6. Then, click on “Report a problem.”

Report a problem

7. Type the message below into your email and submit the screenshot of the Invite collaborator issue


Hey, Instagram Team,

I am having difficulty. My account does not yet have the Insta Invite Collaborator function. Immediately fix this issue, please.

Many thanks

8. Select the Submit button.

3. A fix for the Instagram Invite Collaborator issue is as follows:.

How to Fix Invite Collaborator Not Showing on Instagram must sign up for Instagram’s beta testing program to use the third option. Follow the instructions below to sign up for Instagram’s beta testing program.

How can I sign up for Instagram Beta?

  • First, open the Instagram app from the Google Play Store.
  • Click the Join option under “Join the beta”
  • To confirm, choose the join option.
  • Then, update the Instagram application.

After completing all of these procedures, you will become an Instagram beta tester.

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