Instagram’s “TBH” no longer means “to be honest”


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The acronym “TBH” which stands for “to be honest” was first used by teens, but throughout the course of this generation, it has acquired a new meaning.ย The Washington Post recently ran a profile on a 13-year-old girl that was concerned about her usage of social media. She continued by describing how the word “tbh” is used to commend friends on Instagram.

She said to The Washington Post that the reason why [this girl] receives so many likes on her images is because she has uploaded over nine of them with the “Like all my photos for a tbh, remark when finished,” was the message. With the remark “Like all my images for a tbh,” she shared over nine photographs. [This woman] gains so many comments on her pictures,” “Everyone is going to praise her shots, and she’s simply going to offer them a simple tbh.”

Despite the fact that the phrase “tbh” still means “to be honest” or, sometimes, “to be heard,” it is now more often employed as a compliment (as in, “I’m just being honest!”). The Washington Post cites the example of a teenage girl who would comment on other people’s images with the phrase “tbh you’re stunning” whenever she reached a specific amount of likes.

We sought the aid of the young of today to have it explained for us since it was still a little confused. I asked a few high schoolers who were adept at using Instagram to explain what a tbh is to me (via text, of course) in their own words.

Instagram post from the TBH Account. Instagram

Samantha, a high school student, claims that her friends often write “you’re lovely” or “you’re funny” after tbh, and on sometimes, if they want to establish a relationship, they would add “we should speak more.”

You might think of a TBH Meaning as an alternate form of payment on Instagram as you can swap one for a like on one of your photos.

“[You] publish a photo with a caption that reads, ‘like for a tbh or comment for a tbh,'” suggests Sammy, which translates to “like for a truth bomb.” She adds that after the adolescent receives their like, remark, or follow, they will then go on to provide a tbh on another user’s most recent post or send them a direct message via the app.

Teenagers could engage in such behavior for a variety of reasons, including boredom, a desire to speak with a crush, a desire to boost self-confidence, or the desire to get more likes and followers on social media.

Sammy gives TI an example of how to utilize a tbh to chat to someone you normally wouldn’t talk to. These people are often the friends of the teenagers’ friends or people who the teenagers may have never met in person but who are just one or two degrees removed from them.

TI asks Kevin, a fellow high school student, to explain what a tbh is. A tbh is “a way for individuals to let a certain person know how they feel about them, like if they want to develop closer and communicate with them,” Kevin explains to TI.



The usage of the word “tbh,” which may meanto be honest,” in certain posts does not, however, imply that the author is always being truthful.

Catherine, a 15-year-old, thinks that individuals sometimes tell lies in order to avoid seeming impolite or disagreeable. I don’t think people always tell the truth, she continues. Sammy confirmed this, saying that it’s possible that most people aren’t being completely honest. The obvious facts, such as “saying that person is wonderful” or “they are in some of the same courses,” are sometimes used, Catherine continues, in an attempt to avoid being unkind.

“If I don’t have anything great to say to someone who liked [my Instagram post], I just don’t offer them a comment,” the post’s creator stated. “Dan, another young guy of the same age, says, “I don’t lie.”

TBH (abbreviation) definition and synonyms is no longer a signal that you’re going to make a caustic remark or an indicator that you’re about to truly clear the air. There you have it, then. It gives you a chance to talk to other people and compliment them at the same time.

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